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Out of Bounds Full Moon in Capricorn: Genius, Walking Away or Less-than Integral Activities?

Good Evening! LOL! Believe it or not, I intended to write this post this MORNING - the Universe had other ideas - as in heading into a rabbit hole of a mini-course to learn MORE about what exactly IS an Out of Bounds (OOB) Moon anyway?! Now I know! And soon, so will you! LOL!

Okay - so, this Full Moon - where the Moon sits directly/exactly opposite the Sun - where the Moon, at full light, reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun - what I consider our Soul-self, vital Self, sometimes Ego-self if we're working from our Shadow more than our Soul.

Tomorrow, WED JULY 13, 2022, at 12:38 PM MDT, this SUPERMOON (because the Moon is SO close in its orbit around Earth, to us) Full Moon sits at 21 degrees CAPRICORN 21' Celestial Longitude - note the number 21, twice, eh? (Will look that up in my Angel Numbers 101 book in a bit.) - WHERE does CAPRICORN reside in your Birth chart? And the 21st degree of it? This is the House of Life Experience that this OOB Moon will be bringing in a "Wild Card" energy scenario of any of the following into your life, through the lens of our Cardinal Earthy CAPRICORN. Not totally, mind you. Brings INTO your consciousness the possibilities of "going rogue" in some regard. Here are the three scenarios:

  • Genius: being able to "think outside the box" of where everyone else is thinking. Going "BEYOND" where the tribe/collective normally heads. "SEEING" the next shiny thing, in my thinking, that beckons you to Initiate the New - which is so appropriate for this whole Moon cycle of having a New Moon in Cancer/Full Moon in Capricorn - BOTH Cardinal signs that INITIATE CHANGE. Examples of folks born with this type of OOB - Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud. They were "out there" and ridiculed for it until it wasn't NEW and actually explained the WHY of us, sooner than later.

  • Choosing to Leave: here's where you either decide to LEAVE the success of what you've already built in your life, behind you (like Cat Stevens did, at the height of his successful music career - to become a Muslim and live a quieter life) or LEAVING in order to head INTO a new scenario that WILL bring you success. Like my Dad did - born with his Moon OOB (! I just learned this today), decided he and my Mom would leave Saskatoon, SK the night they were married, drive to Calgary, AB (that was their honeymoon, with an overnight stop in Kindersley, SK) to begin their NEW life, not knowing anyone here in Calgary, at ages 21/19 respectively! And they BOTH have been successes - amazing pair they were and have been for 58 years until he died. Miss you Dad! BOTH Mom and Dad have been huge contributors to all sorts of community-oriented committees (Mom was the first woman President of a Community Association in Calgary), and a menswear business that had a unique niche - called, Large 'N Lanky Mens Wear - to bring in NEW awareness, building something the Collective/communities in Calgary and area needed. So proud of them both!

  • Less-than Legal Activities: here's where the criminal element comes into play. Some folks just can't help themselves. It's easier to steal or rob or kill in order to "get there faster" than take responsibility for creating their OWN long-term goals - takes too long is their thinking. To my mind, this is the Power and Control through Greed avenue. Their "vision" of the future somehow distorted, skewed, that could have / might, lead us into Darkness. This example: Adolf Hitler's Moon was 1 degree away from being OOB. Almost, but not quite made it. Thankfully. I looked up our PM's chart to see what's OOB - his Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius are very close. Not quite - just inside the OOB area - so close - of what he's "building" and "seeking" as his long-term goals, higher purpose, through beliefs and truths learned from others. I leave it there.

The lens of CAPRICORN - what are we building, with Integrity, that is being ILLUMINATED this week - especially tomorrow - that brings current resources to hand, yet used somewhat differently that the Collective needs NOW? How are you doing this in your life?

On the heels of yet another massive CME (coronal mass eruption) from our Sun (sitting at 20 degrees CANCER yesterday, JULY 11, 2022!) which sent out high amounts of electro-magnetic particles our way. The Sun also did so on FRIDAY - hence that Rogers network "blackout" scenario over the weekend, creating chaos in cellphones, POS machines etc. Right on time. Feeling rather tired, wired, unable to rest? CME + OOB FULL MOON will do it for you!

CAPRICORN - business, commerce, the institutions of government, health, education, the corporate world. What are we BUILDING here? HOW are we doing the business of business? Mom complains about the lack of "customer service" these days! Yes, there is that too. No surprise that PLUTO Rx/retrograde is involved directly with this OOB FULL MOON! What will we be hearing as the week progresses I wonder? There's been a lot of hoopla from over the weekend of all the political folk - provincial and federal - amassing in Calgary for their annual Pancake Breakfasts aka meetings during Stampede (which they haven't had in 2 years). No fear of "radicals" here in Calgary, is there? Just peaceful folk wanting to party and spend time with one another. Shaking hands, photo ops, speeches, with or without Integrity or hidden agendas.

What I find fascinating, and most folks don't know, is that during each Stampede, here in Calgary, the First Nations Chiefs hold meetings with these government leaders! They smoke the Peace Pipe and discuss current affairs, where the province and nation is heading, and heeding the wisdom shared here, or not, the Spiritual Insights these Chiefs, connected to the Land that is now called Canada, bring forth. CAPRICORN is the Elder, by the way. Wisdom shared to younger generations. I wonder what they discussed this year?

PLUTO Rx is all about Transformation, Regeneration, something Dying, being Reborn for a New Life. He's been doing this since 2007, now sits at 27 degrees CAPRICORN 30' - he's got a few more degrees to go before he heads into AQUARIUS (Pluto first steps into AQUARIUS from MARCH 24 - JUNE 12, 2023, then again JAN 22 - SEPT 2, 2024, then for good as of NOV 20, 2024 until JAN 2044!).

I've noticed how LOUD it's been getting the closer PLUTO gets to the end of CAPRICORN - seeing the SHADOW of what's "coming to an end" within commerce, government, corporations etc. I've been doing some historical research - previously, PLUTO was in CAPRICORN from FEB 7, 1762 until 1778 - when both France and America had their respective Revolutions - against authority that seemed less than integral, for different reasons. Hence why the USA Chart is now having its first PLUTO RETURN (!!) in 2022 with JULY 11th being the second time it is exact, within the 2nd House of Values, Money and Resources. While Canada is experiencing the transiting URANUS on our natal PLUTO in TAURUS - also within our 2nd House of Values, Money and Resources! Expect the Unexpected AND Speak Your Truth (!) if you dare, here in Canada while the US undergoes transformation/regeneration!

The Industrial Revolution began around 1760 and lasted until around 1840 - innovations and transitions from manual production to the new manufacturing processes via steam, electricity, chemicals and iron, that came from Great Britain and continental Europe to the North American colonies that would became the United States of America (1776) and Canada (1867). A lot of CHANGE occurred in the world during this time, that we, now, at the END of this PLUTO in CAPRICORN Return, are seeing the death of. How commerce, manufacturing of goods, economics/money markets and the world of work/business that began in such enthusiastic and optimistically "for the good of all" mindsets, has morphed into "power and control through greed" more and more in our current society.

Interesting, isn't it? A bit mind-blowing, to "see" the society and such, that we humans have built up for over 200 years, is dying. It no longer holds the integrity from which it was built. So much of which we NOW take for granted, as "written in stone" so how could we possibly END it, any of it?

Returning to this OOB FULL MOON in Capricorn - the "extremes" of weather, tides, heat, possible earthquakes - seems almost like an Eclipse event - but not. We undergo this OOB Moon cycle every 19 years, within a 3-year span. So we're just beginning to "see" the cracks here more evident in the once-solid foundation of what our forefathers built their hopes and dreams upon so many generations ago. It will get wilder and more intense as we move toward 2025. Those of us born with either the Moon or Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus "out of bounds" in our Birth charts - we're the ones that will either take up the NEW reins of Genius, or decide to Leave (head for the hills!) or continue down that less-than-legal road! A few current public figures here in Canada come to my mind that represent each of these categories. How about you?

Back to YOU - OOB FULL MOON at 21 degrees CAPRICORN 21' Celestial Longitude - look at your Birth chart - WHERE is this connecting in your life? Any of your natal planets being activated here in CAPRICORN? I have my MARS in CAPRICORN in my 5th House of creative expression, leadership and recreation - so I tend to take ACTION (Mars) via what I create for my Astrology business - through blogging, creating my handouts/worksheets that go along with the Charts I read for my Clients, and soon, heading into the land of video! I await my sister's return at the end of July to bring in a mix of RECREATION! LOL! I need some "fun and play" balance in my life.

That repeated number 21 - what does it mean from the Angelic Realms? From the ANGEL NUMBERS 101 book by Doreen Virtue - here it is:

"Your optimism is definitely warranted! The angels are working behind the scenes on your behalf right this very minute. You can help support the angels' work by saying positive affirmations and believing that your dream is already manifesting"

For those into the TAROT: the 21st card from the Major Arcana: "THE WORLD"! isn't the magic cool? From my SHADOWSCAPES oracle deck, here's what it says:

"Satisfaction and peace of mind. A successful conclusion, and the end is in sight. Achieving balance, melding and blending to bring together in unison the multiple songs of life. The World is a card of realized goals and prosperity. It is a state of completion, though not without a share of involvement and hard work to attain. When one's goals have been reached, there is a space, a quiet breath of a moment in time when a feeling of ultimate fulfillment spills through the consciousness. It is a wondrous and precious moment, the culmination of hard work, to see your dreams come true and to know that elusively mythical treasure promised in fairy tales: the heart's desire."

And one last one - from the "The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle" by Lynda Hill and Richard Hill - where the ancient Sabian Astrologers attached a symbol to each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. The Hills have updated them. We round up to 22 degrees CAPRICORN, and here's the Symbol:

"A GENERAL ACCEPTING DEFEAT GRACEFULLY. There is a time when we realize that there is no longer any point in fighting. To win in this situation may be impossible. At this time of surrender, it is the valour of the battle that will be remembered. You may find yourself at this point and it is how gracefully you handle defeat that will be the measure of your future worth. Truth of inner worth. If coming from the SHADOW: being a bad loser or feeling that everything is always going to come out badly. Reliance on self-limitations."

So, how are you doing with Pluto coming through CAPRICORN in your chart since 2007? What's been Transformed there? And Regenerated? What has had to die in your life in order to bring in the new? How have you died/re-birthed your life in this area of your Birth chart?

JULY and AUGUST 2022 will be a Time of change, transformation, and surrender. To let go of the Old, in preparation for the New. Where are YOU within this transformation/regeneration period? The MORE we hold POSITIVE mindsets/affirmations and dreams in place, ongoing, the better our "heart's desire" will be manifested! Only if you so choose to believe it.

Who will be defeated, who will show valour, and who will not? We've already seen a lot of the above unfold before our eyes, loudly, since 2015, here in Canada, and in the world. This OOB FULL MOON brings intense focus on INTEGRITY, how we decide to do business, build for the long-term via goals we set forth, taking up the responsibilities that go with them, not knowing if the direction we're headed in, now, will come out the way we envision, now. Things will change, direction corrections may be needed along the way. Move forward, with heart. Trust in, listen to and follow the guidance of your Intuition (Sun in Cancer). What's being ILLUMINATED for you this week? Where's the FULFILLMENT? What needs some "hard work" to keep it going? Only you can decide on any or all of this. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste


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