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Solar Eclipse/Gemini New Moon: Accelerated Future Knowledge Goals

Thursday June 10, 2021 at 4:53 a.m. MDT we experience our first Solar Eclipse of 2021 at 19 degrees of Gemini 47' Celestial Longitude - where is Gemini in your Birth chart? This is the House of Life Experience from where this knowledge stems from - to be accelerated into your future needs for the next 3.5 years!

Prior to dawn tomorrow, take time to sit quietly, tune in, and mindfully connect with yourself. Mercury is Rx/retrograde and is the Lord of this Eclipse, bringing forth the need to "think outside the box", creatively, while also listening to, following and taking action upon, the intuitive insights you're receiving.

Remember: during Mercury Rx, we're taking a logic holiday - none of the rules of logic apply at this time. We're learning to use our right brain creative and intuitive gifts and talents. Troubleshoot your way out of issues by being MINDFUL of all the data, information and knowledge - while also anticipating future goals (this New Moon/Solar Eclipse is connected to where Saturn is located in Aquarius at 13 degrees) and responsibilities we're wanting to take on for the long-haul.

How can you be mindful without the logic piece in play? By tuning into and TRUSTING your Inner Voice - Gemini is all about our self-talk - that inner voice of reason - that is also connected to your intuitive guidance. Mental health is key right now - what decisions and directions do you need to make and go into that support what you truly believe to be true?

This Solar Eclipse is occurring because the North Lunar Node is also in play here - our Soul Direction - to immerse ourselves into the chaos of life, being curious to learn - even learning MORE about subjects/issues we thought we already knew everything there was to know!

The South Lunar Node sits opposite, in Sagittarius, bringing forth the need for "empathic listening" to understand that we may have missed something along the way that is truly important for us to know, in our now-verse. Here's where unresolved issues from past lives spring forth to be learned from and healed and released.

Rushing through it all just to "get it done" or "learned already" or "to check it off my list" isn't on the menu here. We must allow all the chaos to enter, sort through it, find the gems we missed the last time we did this (post 9/11 - Oct 2001 until March 2003). Where were you back then, what information, knowledge and/or ideas did you gather and embrace? What did you miss then? What direction is beckoning you on in to now?

Saturn in Aquarius is a huge help to all of us to "scrutinize with suspicion" (as Steven Forrest would say) the information we've taken in that truly doesn't jive with what we truly believe to be our truths. We've swallowed someone else's words or methods or knowledge just to "get on with it already"! Slow down, look at the values, morals and beliefs you hold dear. Are they truly yours? Or are they inherited from your culture, society, family values, place you grew up in, what-have-you?

Interestingly, there's a YOD or Finger of God pointing to that Lunar South Node sitting at 10 degrees Sagittarius 21' in opposition to this Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini. Here we're being asked to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning from two areas:

1) Uranus in Taurus - how are your values being challenged right now? How are you honouring your own values, worth, self-esteem and self-confidence? Do you embrace ALL of what you are, skills and talents included? Do you VALUE everything you've learned along the way, all the experiences, that make you the knowledgeable person you are today? The last time Uranus moved through Taurus was 84 years ago - 1935 to 1942 - prior to and into the Second World War. Values changed, money was scarce, and skills and talents were created, hands-on, by everyone. Men learned the skills of war, hands-on. Women moved out of the house into the factories and stores and agricultural areas to learn hands-on how to make bombs, create war machinery, learning retail skills and even running their own businesses, perhaps for the very first time. What new skills have you been asked to hone since March 2019? How has this Pandemic changed what you truly value in life?

2) Venus in Cancer - Interestingly, Venus rules Taurus, and within Cancer she's asking you, "What are your Desires right now? How are these desires NURTURING you? Do you even know what truly nurtures you? What do wish to manifest right now, in your life, that is more nurturing/mothering/fathering? Cancer, as the most sensitive of all the Water signs, needs comfort, stability, and someone to hold onto. Lean on. Holding on too tightly creates the scenario of co-dependence or smothering. Venus helps us to attract the people and relationships we need at this time. What's been holding you back from allowing this into your life?

Looking at this YOD: the more you Let Go of old values, allow your desires free reign, and figure out, tangibly, that which you need to change in your life, for the better - surrender and let go of the OLD. Make room for the NEW to arrive - at some point these next 3.5 years. Some sort of sacrifice is required - you must let go of something to create space for the new to unfold.

This New Moon as a Solar Eclipse brings accelerated ACTION of some sort into your life. Gemini is all about knowledge, information, data and how it's gathered, from whom, and shared, to whom, and when. What have you gathered that needs to be shared? How are you honouring that which you value and know is worthwhile? Especially from within yourself!

There's a Cardinal Grand Square in operation with this Solar Eclipse/New Moon too - bringing in the need to INITIATE CHANGE in four areas of your life - Self, Home, Relationships and Career Goals. All at the same time. Talk about juggling a lot. Each Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) initiate the changes of each of the four seasons. New weather to embrace and prepare for. New areas of change to allow in.

This Grand Square brings forth an "out of sign" connection to the Vertex at 00 degrees of Scorpio - something NEWLY fated/destined this way comes! From the depths of your inner psyche - the dark shadows of your fears that want to mask and hide you from your true passions. Take a look into those deeply rooted fears - face them, embrace them, love them. Melt the ice of resistance surrounding them - TRUST in your process to surrender them and let them all go. TRUST in your renewed ability to access and hear your inner guidance system - that Intuition or instinctual nature of yours.

Taurus - where Uranus is bringing Unexpected Change to all of our lives since March 2019 - rules our values, money and how we manage it, and the resources we bring to the table that helps us create income streams. All of this has been shaken and stirred since March 2020. How has this impacted your life? Allow in the unexpected, allow in the change (Taurus is Fixed Earth - fixed signs hate change). BE THE CHANGE - YOU ARE LOOKING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU!

You are the change - know it. Take it on. Let go of the unresolved past life issues that have prevented you from seeking your higher purpose, before now. It is getting louder to do so. How do you wish the next 3.5 years of your life to unfold? Same as the last 3.5 years? OR something different? Think about this, mull it over, take your time. But not too much time. That South Lunar Node in Sagittarius? Beckons all of us to Take a Leap of Faith by following the information, data and knowledge coming to you, Now, from that North Lunar Node!

Be mindful - listen to your inner talk - and what you're learning from your daily interactions with others. You already KNOW - don't you - what you need to act upon - don't you? Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: all the photo artists from UNSPLASH - you all rock! Thank you!

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