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"Spring Has Sprung...

The grass has riz!

I wonder where them birdies is?

There's a birdie in the sky who dropped a turdie in my eye.

I'm a big girl, I won't cry....

I'm just glad that cows don't fly!"


LOL! Every Spring I have to pull this wee poem out. It makes me laugh and appreciate the birds, the green growing and blossoms blossoming and Spring flowers blooming! Yay!

The Sun is now in the fixed earth sign of Taurus - we are IN the middle of Spring where the real growth of growing the NEW energy occurs. You can smell it as you walk around the neighbourhood, hear it in the busyness of the bees, butterflies and yes, those birdies, feathering their nests in all the budding trees.

Taurus represents the Bull, chewing its cud in a sunny pasture, lazily swatting at flies with its tail. "How you doin'?" the Bull nods to us as we walk by, hurriedly, on our daily travels. Slow down and listen to the Spring busyness, smell the new green growing, and just BE with it all, as the Bull is.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is busy with GROWING - very focused - and hands on with it all too! Taurus represents ALL of our senses - being stimulated and activated - with the new colours, sights, sounds and smells of Spring. SEE how bountiful Mother Nature truly is as you walk around your yard whilst walking the dog. As Within, So Without. Do you honour your Inner abundance in reflection of what you see outside of you, all around in your local world?

Taurus also reminds us of what it is we VALUE in our daily life: the home we live in, the food we cook and bring to the table, the THINGS we enjoy because of the money energetically resonating in our life, with which to buy it all.

Taurus rules the 2nd House of Life Experience in the birth chart, ruled also by the planet Venus. Bringing in the beauty of this world we call Earth. Creating MORE beauty by the placement of that plant with this bush or that flower or this tree. There is an abundant palette to choose from and create with. Allow your senses to soar whilst the Sun is in Taurus (April 18 - May 21).

To many, this 2nd House of Life Experience means the income we receive via the talents and skills and personal resources we bring to the table that call work to us, to be paid for in kind. This House of Life Experience also brings into play ALL the many creative ways we are able to attract, with heartfelt intention, money abundance. Everything in this realm is energy. Every thing, word, thought and deed is energy. Our bodies are energy.

How do you, energetically, call creatively to you that which you need, when you need it? How do you work with Venus, our Desire body/planet, who works via Love, Beauty, Harmony, Balance? Are you all in or all out, of money? All cycles ebb and flow, just like the tides. There is the abundant flow, the evening out flow, then the so-called lack flow (or much less than, low tide).

What fears or triggers come up for you when the evening out flow or lack flow are in motion? Just as each season of our Earth's solar year brings changes in weather and life around us, sometimes seamlessly overlapping with one another; at other times there is an abruptness, and ending or a dying. Life, Death and Rebirth occurs in ALL cycles.

Animals die, nature dies, people die. All part of the larger cycle of Life Experience. Jobs die, cars die, appliances die. Everyone and everything must come to an ending, thereby creating a new beginning. Cycles ebb and flow, just like those tides, drawn to and fro via the Moon's cycles.

Between now and May 21st, BE with your Inner Nature and the outer Nature. BE with your inner resources - notice them, honour them, embrace them. As we value ourselves, our BEingness, we attract Others whose values dovetail with ours. Symbiosis, synchronicity, and synthesis.

Blessed Be!

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