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Unexpected Change: Values, Money & Skills to Create, What?!

Wednesday April 22nd, 2020: 4 + 4 + 4 / 444 is a Master Number in Numerology AND the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day AND the New Moon in Taurus! Whew! Huge energy of NEW CHANGE is coming our way....

The Moon & Sun will stand together at 03 degrees Taurus 24' of Celestial Longitude at 8:26 p.m. MDT holding hands with URANUS, ruler of this New Age of Aquarius, technology, & brings the NEED for Innovation, Invention AND Being Your True Authentic Self!

The previous timing of Uranus moving through Taurus was 84 years ago - from March 27/28, 1935 until May 15/16, 1942 - just prior to & into WWII! So much of what occurred then is happening now, yet in much different circumstances. Makes me wonder the longer we are self-isolating & told to "stay home!" unable to work to bring in the needed income for shelter, food, utilities, will food rationing be a reality soon? Will we be separated from loved ones & friends & colleagues for long exactly?

What I love about all of this, is the technology piece. Did you know that the use of the Enigma machine - the beginnings of what we now take for granted daily in our cellphones, home computers, was created 84 years ago? The Bletchley Park area in England was the principal centre of Allied code-breaking during WWII. Here they used that day's innovation & invention to help bring WWII to an end. 84 years later here we are connecting with one another via computer, screen to screen, seeing loved ones & friends virtually! Instant news about current deaths due to COVID-19 - whereas back in WWII they published, daily, pages & pages of names of all soldiers who were dying around the world, fighting for our freedom. Posting them near each town's post office or public meeting places for villagers & town folk to read, hoping against hope that their son or brother or cousin or father or uncle wasn't listed.

What have we learned since then? Where are we heading now? Uranus brings UNEXPECTED CHANGE, & in Taurus, our fixed Earth sign, CHANGE isn't easy to swallow, literally & figuratively! Taurus rules the throat area - ensure you're speaking your truth now, more than ever. What are you valuing in your life now that we've been isolated from one another for over a month now? What's worth your while that wasn't even a hint before March 2020? What have you been learning? Taurus rules the skills & talents we bring to the table that allow us to bring in income sources. How many of us are doing online classes, webinars & conferences?!

What are you learning about yourself these days? How are you coping with staying at home, cooking from scratch, not socializing or going out spur of the moment, anywhere you wish to go? How disciplined have you become with new routines & habits forming since March?

Each New Moon brings something NEW forward into our lives, emotionally, that is habit-forming as well as habit-releasing! What old habits no longer serve the new circumstances of daily life in April 2020? Taurus rules all our SENSES: touch, taste, smell, sight & hearing. How are these senses being engaged now? How many are heightened due to the lack of touch (hugs, embraces, being in each other's personal space out in public?!) or seeing our usual group of peeps?! What's missing in your life? Has life changed drastically or barely at all?

Taurus rules all of the following, bringing in the NEED to be practical, dependable, patient, need for stability, being hands-on, dealing with the details of Life (& remembering to come up for air from time to time!):

  • Ruled by VENUS, our Desire Body - Taurus brings to our attention that which we Value & find worthwhile/worthy in our lives. How have your values changed since March 2020? Too soon to notice? Or just waking up?

  • Money - how we attract it, manage it, use it. What Unexpected Changes are coming our way (beyond being unemployed if we're non-essential services) in the near future around work? What new skills & talents do we need to unearth from our toolbox, dusting off previously castoffs we thought were no longer needed in this jet-set, fast-paced techno world? Are we truly returning to basics?

  • Sensual Pleasure - here's where the emotional eating may come into play! More elaborate meals to tantalize those tastebuds that are looking for MORE than pb&j sandwiches, cereal & pizza? Or perhaps simpler, more basic yet nutritious ones? Now that we've decreased air flights, car use, & constant coming & going - what senses are being stimulated in ways you've not noticed in a long while? Have you actually listened to the robins, noticed the hares & rabbits & deer & geese of late? How is your garden growing? What are you planning to plant this Spring/Summer? Loss of touching others - how has this heightened your need to touch things at home? To lovingly touch your spouse in ways you've neglected in a while?

  • Contentment - how do you feel now that you're home with the spouse/kids/pets &/or parents/roommates/significant other? Or totally alone? Are you embracing these changes or ready to run to the hills? BE in the moment, ground into it. Feel it right down to your bones. How does it FEEL? Gratitude? Satisfied? Enjoying the simple pleasures in life now?

  • Perseverance - what are you building now, creating by hand? Via cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, crafts, writing a book, creating a website, a podcast or online courses - perhaps for the very first time!? Learning step by step vs. leaps & bounds - how are you taking your TIME with things now? Being thorough - I WILL complete this, I WILL! LOL!

  • Self-Worth - here's where personal boundaries come into play - how are you communicating this at home these days? How are your Values showing themselves? What do you miss? Or perhaps not so much? Surprisingly? Being determined & self-acceptance of how things are now. How you are now. What you value & need now - are you fulfilling them in the reduced circumstances we find ourselves in?

  • Stubborn as a BULL! LOL! Yes, Taurus is the Bull, & yes they can be stubborn! My way or the highway - they LOVE stability, security & habits - very disciplined are Taurus people! Wherever we have Taurus in our birth charts is where we have challenges with CHANGE! Just saying...take a look at the WHY of this emotional/physical attachment that prevents you from LETTING GO. Possessiveness, hoarding, the need to surround yourself with things vs. people or memory-making activities with others - why? What's emotionally blocking you?

  • Physically: Taurus rules the throat, chin & neck, thyroid gland, coughs (!), voice & vocal cords. As I mentioned above, Speak Your Truth or you'll swallow your words creating sore throats, laryngitis or the extreme - this COVID-19 virus? Speak up! Ask for what you want & need. Be honest - with yourself & the people you're housebound with! It works both ways & allows for better boundary respect!

This New Moon + Uranus are connected lovingly with the North Node sitting at 00 degrees Cancer AND with the South Node sitting at 00 degrees Capricorn. These 00 degrees announce a New Era of doing anything/everything because we FEEL LIKE IT & our INTUITION is indicating we do so! Versus out of "duty & necessity" of the old way that is now dying, literally. We've been creating a new skill/talent learning to listen to how we feel, following the Wisdom of our Intuition, & doing things because we TRULY FEEL LIKE IT - these past 19 months! Embrace this change that has been sneaking up on you all along! When's the last time you DIDN'T listen to your Intuition? Do you remember?

There are gems from the past of how we built our ambitions through personal & business goals, restructuring our lives along the way. Capricorn expects to leave a Legacy! What are you building now? What did you build in past lives that went unresolved that can be tended to now? How did past legacies get in the way of your true values? Did you think of yourself as unworthy? Where are you now in all of this?

Bottom Line this Moon cycle: as we begin the NEW April 22nd, we'll be dealing with Taurus' opposite sign, Scorpio, along the way, leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th via dealing with those pesky underlying FEARS that we might be pushing away, swallowing with food or drink, ignoring by escaping into tasks & doing. FEEL THE FEELINGS! Feel the Fear & do it anyway...Feel that Fear & ask WHY do I feel you, Fear? What is my Ego-self in fear of? How can I love myself better, further, deeper, to let go of this fear?

As we head further into this current Unknown, know that previous past life traumas are being triggered in this NOW time. Don't dismiss this willy-nilly - this is really & truly happening. Deal with the grief of letting go of what was, embrace the new Now, feel the feelings of fear, sadness, joy, contentment, pleasure & rage. One baby step at a time, with your peeps or without - reach out when you can. We're all in this, together - we signed up to all be part of this Collective transition that is taking us further into the New Age of Aquarius - ruled by Uranus! Namaste

Photo Credits: thank you artisans of UNSPLASH! You rock!

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