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Grand Trine in Water: Soul Direction + Spiritual Connection + Fearless Action!

This week, since the New Moon began November 26th in Sagittarius, post Mercury Rx (retrograde) in Scorpio, you've probably sighed with relief, thinking "It's over! I can think again & move forward with ease & grace!" only to find, nope, not really...

Raise your hands if you've been experiencing mood swings, crying jags, the need for your own space, restlessness, not knowing WHAT Action you need to take or when? Continuing mental/emotional confusion, huge fears/worry, the need to be alone, away from others?

We're all still working out the kinks of HOW to navigate through the waters of:

  1. What am I thinking? The Mental Body...

  2. How am I feeling? The Emotional Body....

  3. What do I want to DO about any of this? How do I take ACTION?

2019 has been an interesting time of having Mercury Rx move through all 3 of our Zodiac Water Signs - Pisces then Cancer & of late, Scorpio. Mercury rules the mind, our thought processes, what we want to learn, speak about, even our Inner self-talk. The Water signs connect us to our Emotional Body - the realm of feelings, Intuition, receiving INsights & help from others, especially nurturance & wisdom when we feel down & out.

Opening up our Heart Centre to ALLOW all of this INTO our lives - which the Logical Brain/Mercury don't necessarily want. A clearer Mental/Emotional connection. Mercury Rx brings us away from our Logical Brain into that Right Brain of following our Intuition, Creative Outside-the Box thinking, seeing Symbolic INsights around us - knowing there's a Bigger Picture out there beyond our Ego's control.

Mercury has now turned Direct, still within Scorpio - that deep realm of hidden fears, privacy & going it alone unless moved, passionately, to say or do otherwise. Until December 10th, we've got a Water connection with our planet of our Spiritual self, Neptune, & the North Lunar Node in Cancer - into the Direction our collective Soul wishes us to move toward regarding Self-nurturance, doing/being because we FEEL like it - not out of Duty & Necessity!

Are you 'seeing' 'feeling' & 'thinking' of what's been missing in your life emotionally? What do you THINK about it all? How's your Self-talk been in 2019? Loving or judging? More of one than the other? Here's where we've been weaving a balance between HOW we feel & WHAT we think - & connecting with BOTH, sometimes at the same time (!) - connecting us Spiritually, Passionately & with Nurturance. It's been a long time coming, connecting us Emotionally, not being led around by the Ego's mental need to BE in control of everything around us. Logic is required, definitely, but not exclusively. We're learning to balance the Emotional with the Mental , the Mental with the Emotional, then tying in the Spiritual.

It's been a bumpy road, an emotional one where our mental capacities seem offline & unavailable. The KEY: is to BE IN THE MOMENT, always & in all ways! No worrying about the future or being in misery of what didn't happen in the past (or missing what once was!)! We MUST BE IN THE NOW - how am I feeling, now? What do I think about this, now? What action do I take because of what my intuition is telling me? Am I listening to AND following my intuitive Inner Wisdom, despite my Ego-self's Fears impeding forward action / movement!

Whenever you find yourself worrying about the Future &/or Regretting the Past - move yourself into the Now. What's True? What's an Illusion/Delusion? Neptune is dissolving our Ego's need for Drama role-play (Drama Triangle of Victim-Rescue Me/You- Feeling Bullied or Being the Bully) &/or Escapism from all of this because of fear of not wanting to deal with any of it.

Another KEY: Know that Your Process is YOUR PROCESS! Sitting in Escapism or the Drama Triangle role-play for a time - it is part of the process of living the lie, the past, then wanting to Move Forward Up & Out of what was, isn't totally true, in the Now.

Some of us will understand, move up & out immediately; others, well we need to wallow, take our time. No judgement! Your Process is YOUR PROCESS! Here is where the North Node in Cancer comes into play - NURTURE YOUR PROCESS! You are Unique in this world - allow this uniqueness to BE. Breathe through, walk through & follow your Intuitive Inner Wisdom as to WHEN WHAT & HOW...only You know what is right & proper, for You! Love your process. Forgive the wallowing. Love the action, when it comes. And it will come. Namaste

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