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Saturday March 13th, 2021 at 3:21 a.m. MST the Moon & Sun stood together at 23 degrees of Pisces 03' of our Mutable Water Zodiac sign, activating the New Moon phase of this current Moon cycle!

Mercury Rx in Aquarius is done & dusted & continues to journey through this Fixed Air sign along with Jupiter & Saturn, bringing better Mindfulness to the Risks we dare take towards how we're Restructuring our Long-term Goals out in our respective Community!

Venus has joined Neptune at 19 degrees/20 degrees Pisces, adding their Desires & Magic Movies & Illusion to this New Moon in Pisces! Whew! Therefore, Neptune, the Ruler of Pisces & this New Moon is definitely in play - IMAGINE BETTER!

We're also experiencing a resurge in Fire & Action from the Grand Fire Trine made up of Chiron in Aries + the Vertex in Leo + that South Node in Sagittarius! The Actions you'll be deciding upon will definitely DEFINE YOUR RIGHT TO EXIST (Chiron in Aries) despite fears of being rejected in doing so (!!) while clearing up any Unresolved Issues from Prior Lives/Your Past in HOW YOU SEEK YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE (S. Node in Sag) right now AS YOU FOLLOW Fated/Destined Heartfelt connections/relationships/situations that lead you INTO a Better Future (Vertex in Leo)!

The Lunar Nodes (North = current Soulful Direction; South = Been there, Done that & I may have oopsie not done it as well as I could have, so now I have a chance to do it BETTER This Time!) continue to square off with Neptune - Ruler of Pisces & this New Moon cycle - bringing forth mucho Stress & Tension from Within to CREATE CHANGE in your lives to DECIDE, "Do I follow my Soul-self/Higher Self desires & Intuitive Insights/nudging, or do I fall back into my Ego-self's need for DRAMA via that Drama Triangle role-play of being a Victim or wanting to Rescue Others / BE Rescued by Others or being a Bully / feel I'm being Bullied/Persecuted for just being little ol' me?!"

You will have to decide - daily, hourly, minutely at times - during this Moon cycle that will last until the end of April 10, 2021! Do you WANT / NEED DRAMA or Soul-full direction / guidance & Evolution? Where ARE YOU, truly? It will become quite clear to you & those in our inner circles what's what & when!

I am so very grateful that Harry & Meghan did their interview with Oprah this week, a week that also marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the beginning of this COVID-19 Pandemic. What world-wide event (the interview!) could grab the attention of so many Earthlings right now as we ALL discern more clearly: HOW AM I SCRUTINIZING, WITH SUSPISCION the Morals/Values of the Traditional Institutions in play in our lives that NO LONGER support the person I Truly & Authentically AM?!!!

AKA - Harry & Meghan DEFINED who they truly are, individually & as a couple, via their respective Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius continued conjunction through their Birth Charts/lives, to EMBRACE & STAND SEPARATE from the 1200-year-long traditions of the current monarchy. This is HUGE. And it began with Princess Diana's crushing stance to NOT become part of the machinery - to BE ME, within Community, to support Community while also BEING SUPPORTED by Community! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE ALL HEADING - this is the underlying & ongoing theme of the New Age of Aquarius!

During this Pisces New Moon, both Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius sit opposing that Vertex in Leo - Fated/Destined - How Do I Follow my Heart (Leo) AND also Risk being Truly Authentic by redefining &/or restructuring goals/responsibilities that HAVE LONG DEFINED ME, perhaps my whole life (!!) That No Longer Works For Me?!! What is Your Heart Saying? Are you listening? That's only one half of the equation though. We MUST ALSO TAKE HEARTFELT ACTION that also supports the redefining/structuring of what it MEANS to you & you & you to BE Truly Authentic. Since the Winter Solstice of Dec 21, 2020 until next week's Vernal Equinox, we continue to gain our sea-legs of this sea change direction that Humanity is currently taking! We're ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

How are we SUPPORTING one another? No matter Gender, Creed, Colour, Culture? Aquarius IS all about Humanitarian efforts, philanthropy & finding our respective COMMUNITY that Supports the Soul-self we each are EVOLVING INTO! Where's your Community? How & when do they support you? If not, why not? Is it TIME to move along to find your True Community?

This Pisces New Moon cycle asks us to IMAGINE BETTER, soulfully, while Letting Go of the Old that has previously PREVENTED all of us from Seeking Our Higher Purpose through our true beliefs, faith, & education & travel. Leave the drama behind. Seriously - how does it serve you? Heal that Wound that has been festering around being ALLOWED TO EXIST, physically, here on Earth as the TRUE AUTHENTIC Warrior/Explorer/Pioneer of NEW TRUTHS! Remove the blindfold. Stop drinking the kool-aid. Stand up & be counted AS You!

Allow the MAGIC of Pisces from your Soul-self to BE part of your truer world, going forward. We will continue to unfold our respective Aquarian journeys through Jupiter (until December 2021) & Saturn (until Spring 2023!!) - our Quest has just begun! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you ALL ROCK! Thank you! Namaste


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